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All my cakes are carefully planned and lots of time goes into making the cakes. Detail is extremely important to me, hence, I do not make normal cakes with only Buttercream Icing. I specialize in Plastic Icing and prefer to work with what I'm known for.

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14 December, 2014

Merry Christmas

To all my wonderful clients! May you have a fantastic Christmas 2014 and may your holidays be filled with laughter and lots blessings.

Thank you for your continued support and be on the lookout for new post coming in 2015.

Will be offering more than just Novelty Cakes. Something for everyone!

See you soon!

12 December, 2014

3 Tier Birthday Cake

Sixteen Year, Birthday cakes makes me a bit jittery! You might wonder why? To me this event is very similar to a bride getting married. Parents normally spend lots of money on their 16 year old and even the cakes have to be exactly the way they want it.

Now, I am not a professional baker, I am a hobbyist (my own version for someone doing cake decorating purely for the passion of decorating) so for me it becomes scary if I do not know whether I will be up to the task in creating their dream 16th birthday cake.

When I started planning this cake, I first thought of using my Cricut Cake Machine as it is perfect for cutting out flowers flawlessly, but it is limited to only the cartridges you have. You can't just buy extra cartridges unless you are married to a millionaire. So, I did have a few flowers, but not the ones that my client was looking for.

If you are not in the cake industry you probably wonder how we get these flowers to be so thin and if we use molds. In this case no molds only patience a scalpel and paper. Some bakers use baking paper to cut out the shapes they are going to use as it will last longer and you can keep it as it does not get messy like paper does in time.

The 16th Birthday Cake content: 6 Vanilla Chiffon Cakes. Cutting flowers approximately 2 hours.
The client wanted the brick look around the cake, which I would've done differently, but your client is always right and she loved it, and that is all that is important!


04 December, 2014

Wedding Cake

When my client requested red with turquoise wedding cake, I thought it will look so strange. Well, it is still not what I would have chosen for myself, but it came out great.

The flowers I made well in advance to be sure that they are nice and dry. Letters on top was made with Cricut Cake machine (the other love of my life). Inside of wedding cake.......

Top Tier - White Milk Chocolate
Middle Tier - Chocolate Ganache
Bottom Tier - Vanilla Magic

Fondant Flowers will soon be available if you would like to decorate your own cake. Just make sure you like my page to get the updates.

01 December, 2014

Baptism Cake

Blue and White Baptism Cake was lots of fun to make. Anything where I can create something out of fondant is exciting. I just love the way fondant feels and it is my favorite medium to work with purely because you can fix mistakes so easily.

The Baptism cake was an Amarula chocolate cake. The bible on top made with fondant, painted with silver (pages). The crosses hand-made template. The lettering done with my Cricut Cake. Can't live without this piece of equipment as the lettering are just gorgeous!

Cake decorators sometimes have to be very creative if they do not have all the tools the professionals have to create an awesome cake.

Again, I only thrive to make sure my clients are happy with my work.

27 November, 2014

Music Cake

A music cake that was so much fun making it, while listening to great tracks. The best of both worlds!

My client emailed me a pic of a cake looking like this one. Immediately I knew this is Michael Jackson party. Very excited I started the planning.

The music notes took sooooo much time, as again, I do not have molds, that day I wished I had as I got soooo frustrated to get it perfect.

The first step is to download notes from the internet. Draw them on paper/wax paper and cut them out. You then need to make sure your fondant is not too hard or too soft as it plays a very big part. If it is too soft, it will stretch/distort your image. If it is to hard, it tends to make rough edges.

The notes around the Music Cake was difficult as I had no plan. I had to improvise as I went along. Was not perfect for my eyes, but the client thought it looked great.

The same applies for the flat figurine on the top which turn out to be a nightmare when the client collected. As we load it in her car, I by mistake bumped it and the hand broke off. What a disaster, I tries to fix the Music Cake quickly but did not succeed.

Lucky for me, the party was only the next day and I could make a brand new one. It cost me more fondant, tylose powder to make it harder quicker and the fridge, but all was perfect and ready for the party.

Now, I always make two of an item that I think can possible break!